MountainBytes 1,000,000 REALTOR Emails
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Just a penny per email, ALWAYS!
Our pricing is simple...

For each eflyer you send, you pay a $7 setup fee and then just a penny per email sent! For example, if you send to 1300 REALTORS®, it's just $20!

In addition to offering lower prices per email than our competition, we provide a unique mechanism for pinpointing your target market, which results in fewer emails to be sent, thereby reducing your costs even further!

Other services don't allow you to hone in on the exact set of REALTORS® to whom you want to send your flyer. They only let you send to very large sets of REALTORS®, a small percentage of whom are actually in your target market.

Why pay to send a flyer to 5000 REALTORS®, only 1000 of whom are in the market you want? With our service, you select your own set of REALTORS® by state, county, city, etc., and you only pay to send your email to the REALTORS® you want --- not to thousands you don't want!

Save Money
Fast, easy, and inexpensive...
Make MountainBytes eflyers a regular part of your marketing plans!

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